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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 9, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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informed for our weather. >> nice looking start for the day and a repeat performance from yesterday with sunshine. let's tart with our current conditions. 48 degrees at reagan national. not a bad start. and temperatures 10 degrees or so warmer than 24 hours ago. 43 in hagerstown. fredericksberg 49. 49 in winchester. we continue to watch the storm system off to the north and east. it's spinning up the south east coast of new england, still bringing rain back to the cape and into the islands. the winds around that area of low pressure will continue to wrap around that storm and we'll experience winds not as bad as wet but still gusts to 20. so you will still need a jacket even though we have temperatures back in the low 50s. simple forecast and a lot of sunshine. still breezy at times. winds gusting to about 20 miles per hour. no rain in today's forecast and
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most of the five-day forecast looks good. i'll have that for you in a couple of minutes. allison fak to you upstairs. into to get to our top story. gerry connelly back to work after a hospital stay and we're about an hour away from a major announcement from keith fimian. he is expected to concede in the race for the 11th district. >> this will pave the way for connelly to serve another term. sarah simmons is live with a closer look. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. terry connelly still in the lead. these are the unofficial results we have right now. the results will be certified on november 22nd but he leads by just under 1,000 votes. but again, according to the washington post who is reporting this morning. keith fimian the republican
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challenger in this case is expected to conceit later on in morning. they did say they will make their intentions known here in the next couple of hours. but by law under state election law here in virginia, he was ayou loued a re -- allowed a recount because it was close but it appears he will not ask for one. fimian held off because this is the second time the two member have faced off for this very seat. connelly won by 12 points two years ago but this time around it was much closer. connelly one of the few democrats that was able to hold off the republican challenges in their races here this past week. now connelly meanwhile, as you mentioned, he was hospitalized last week and has since been released from the hospital. his condition has been kept quiet until yesterday when a campaign spokesman said while the congressman was visiting
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his doctor, he was hospitalized for a blood clot in her artery. but he is resting at tomorrow. we do expect to hear from him later on today after we here from keith fimian's camp and what his intentions are for the future and it seems will be conceding into the race. back to you tony and allison. well on capitol hill the democrats defeated in last week's elections are asking nancy pelosi not to run for the house minority leader position. they circulated a calling on her to abandon the house's top democrat. political watchers say even though many don't want her to run, she could win. and in the meantime steny hoyer has made it official. he's -- running to keep his position as second in command. this is a showdown with james clyburn of south carolina. who will come out on top to be the leaders? bob cusak is the managing
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editor at the and he joins us to talk about it. good morning, bob. >> good morning. >> so they took the shellacking, words of the president, in the mid terms and now this probably the last thing the party needs is the in fighting. >> it's just a stunning blow. out of the governors and the senate, the house got it worst. democrats were crushed. nancy pelosi said we're going to hold the majority. they won nearly double the seat. this was worse than 1994. a resounding reduction on the democrats and the president and now we have this divisive leadership battle and it looks like the same leaders are still the leaders going into next year and that could be a problem because conservative democrats want the shake-up. >> who didn't see the signs, dump reid, dump pelosi. and the voter was very aware of the big names in congress
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making the decisions but yet pelosi still seeks this role? is it true that people aren't getting what the people want and she says whatever, ip want this position, i'm still here. what is she up against? >> no one wants to run against here. and you look at harry reid and obama and pelosi, republicans are loving this because we thought well maybe pelosi will be gone or reid will be gone, well all three will be here. at least for a couple more years. so republicans are smiling. if pelosi wants to run, great. and if she steps aside, hour would have been leader and clyburn would have been put in. >> and there you see steny hoyer and jim clyburn now going head to head. and now big endorsements for hour like henry waxman, barney
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frank and on the other hand the cbc, congressional black caucus coming out for clyburn. he's the highest ranking member in the house. what kind of a battle is there? >> i think there is a chance they reach a deal where hour will be the whip and clyburn will be the number three and then at the end, whether it's chris van holland of maryland or john larsen of connecticut, when the music stops there will be only so many chairs and somebody will be sitting without a leadership post. but you think they'll reach a deal where they avoid this type of battle. but if they do. you've sign it. cbc and waxman, everybody is on different camps. and some are saying the republicans are in denial. they feel like the president doesn't get it yet and some
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conservative democrats are saying that. >> pelosi has not endorsed either man? >> no. i think she's stayed neutral. and the race would be decided next week and they would come back in the lame duck and vote and she would stay out of it. and some of her constituents have backed hour so i don't think she will formally endorse. >> what does the president get involved in this? >> the white house is staying clear and saying we're not getting involved in leadership races. but i imagine people in the white house were kind of stunned as i was on capitol hill that nancy pelosi did not step aside. >> leading into the big election 2012, can't be a good setup for the president? >> no. right now it doesn't look good. but a couple of years ago we didn't see it looking good for the republicans. we've seen two waves. if the economy is still high
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and the economy is still ailing, incumbents be aware. now things could go the other way but right now it's a tough time for democrats. >> bob cusak, managing editor of the hill. thank you. >> thank you. another big story we're following in indonesia. president and first lady are getting treated to a state dinner in the capital of jakarta. at a news conference the president said he's making progress on ending mistrust in muslims. tonight he will address the muslim people before heading to south korea and japan. tighter security rules are in place worldwide. the united states will no longer accept shipment mailed from yemen or somalia. and there will be a ban to
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carry ink cartridges that weigh more than a pound, including in carry-on bags. and the national park service is proposing five different options that would replace the old temporary guard shack put in after 9/11. four would create an underground entrance and the other with mirrors around. and they say it would not endanger the infrastructureal integrity of the monument. >> there is no way to have the ground move underneath. >> the glass is still there and you can see it. i think under ground would be better. >> the national park service has information about the five options on the website. get there by logging on to our website at and looking under web links. bp is in the hot seat again today. a two-day public hearing on the massive oil spill in the gulf
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of mexico just began a few minutes ago. it's happening at the grand hyatt hotel in northwest. halliburton and transocean will be on hand to answer allegations. the national oil spill commission will present the preliminary findings of the spill. the primary focus is kinding the cause of the rig explosion. a surprise plea deal in the murder of a popular d.c. principal. we'll tell you about the death of brian betts. >> plus it's a movie about the struggles of women so why isterly perry's women effecting the portrayal of black men? [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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because i had convinced myself that colored girls have no right to sorrow.
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>> tyler perry's latest movie causing controversy. for colored girls is the film version of the girls who considered suicide when the rainbow is enough. it was a sensation when it came out in the 1970s. some people complain that the movie version is depicting black men as abusers and cheaters. join using to discuss the controversy is george guerrero and denise heart, associate professor of theater at howard university who led a class discussion on this topic just yesterday. and we'll get to that in a moment. thank you for coming in. george, let me start with you. first of all, both of you read the column. there was a column in the post yesterday. and the title of the column was for black men who have considered homicide after watching another tyler perry movie. and he was rather outraged and talked about the fact that not just this movie, but it seems to be a series of movies, some of them tyler perry moves,
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where black men get flack. they are not nice to their women and deceitful, et cetera. and george, express your concerns and what you think is going on here? >> well my concern is that courtland malloy is over the top in his article and he does that to make a powerful point. but if you look at how white actors and actresses are portrayed, there is a diversified portrayal over the human behavioral spectrum. if you look at how black men are portrayed, really portrayed at the negative end of the spectrum more times than now. now are things changing? yes. and tyler perry, to his credit, is gaining greater strength and is creating his own little empire in atlanta to maybe
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he'll be able to lead with a -- diversifying those portrayals. and we're still in the world we're playing on the typical stereotypes that we see. >> and denise, do you agree with that? >> well i'll say this. i always teach that the artist has the freedom, and needs to have the freedom to be able to create and tell the kind of story they are compelled to tell. now with tyler perry, certainly he didn't originate this story. it was the adaptation and the retelling of the original piece. i think at the foundation of all of this we're really talking about the history of stereotypes. and although this film is about women and women coming into their sense of liberation and sense of self-discovery and acknowledgment of choices they have made to some extent that have created the lives that
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they live, we do need to deal with whether or not we are representing and managing the image representation of a group of people in a responsible and sensitive way. and so i agree and disagree. >> given that -- i think that almost no one would argue that an artist does have a right to do what they want to do with their particular project. but is it valid to have concern about the overall message that we're getting? and this is a topic that black men talk about quite freely and with some deangst because there are movies "i'm waiting to exhale" and this movie and they are continuing to depict black men in almost an exclusively negative light. and what some say is that the portrayals of the men that are positive are very thinly drawn
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characters. there is not much depth to those characters. is there certain about what young people will take away? george, let me start with you. >> that's a big concern of mine. black men work with young people and young people are in the early stages of development. they are susceptible and aware of the stereotypes placed upon them and black people in general in society. these are the images they see on a regular basis. and a lot of black people are going to see the movies as well. so that's -- it's a concern. i know things are getting better. we're in an age now of internet and other media where we'll be able to -- that there will be other young people coming into the industry and doing things that we're not even thinking
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about now, showing using a venue that is not used commonly now so i have hope with respect to that. >> speaking of the young people. the class you were teaching yesterday was an undergraduate class. >> yes. >> and men and women in the class? >> yes. >> i understand they wanted to know if you saw the movie. what was the discussion like? >> it was a very robust discussion, outspoken. the women in the class for the most part taking the position that they felt it was a necessity for the women to really speak from their individual perspective and their voice and to impart and share what had happened to them in their experience. while the men in the class did feel that the movie was slanted against them. i have a son, an 18-year-old son, and i actually saw the movie with him and my niece and we all had a discussion. >> what did he think?
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>> he said he felt the film was bad. and i asked why -- >> because of the movie? >> he thought the poetry was a stretch for film. but he did feel that he, as a progressive positive, young man, wasn't fully representatived, so i representative -- represented and i explained when the movie was made and the time. and i also explained to my class and students at howard that stereotypes serve for any group to create a psychological bonding and you have to think beyond the stereotypes but to do that you have to be educated and remain curious and explore yourself as well as the diversification and representation of all people in the community. >> and have a frame of reference. and young people don't have the frame of reference. >> unless we talk about and engage them. >> and share these types of
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discussions. >> this is a discussion i knew that we would not -- we would only scratch the surface because it's tv and we only have five minutes to talk about it. but maybe we'll have you back because it's certainly -- it bears further discussion and talking about. thank you both for coming in. we want to know what you think. hit us up on twitter. to do that search wttgmorningnews and let us know what you think and you can get the heads up on breaking news and traffic alerts. we've received some tweets and if we get the chance we'll read them both. >> i fear that topic might flood that twitter at. thank you, panel and tony. a local school district and what about the cell phones. and holly this morning is
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at the corcoran gallery of art. >> reporter: it is photo central for d.c. and two of the award-winning photographers are going to talk about what they see through the lense and how you can take advantage of all of the things going on this week, all live later. and first a look at today's trivia question. what was the name of the uss enterprise in the orange fall draft for the star trek tv series? was it the uss galaxy, the yorktown, the lincoln or the excelsior? the answer is coming up in a little bit. you can take a guess now by going to our facebook page. keep it right here. we'll be back after the break. ♪
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♪ hello sunshine ♪ sweet as you can be ♪ i love waking up [ chuckles ] ♪ to your morning melody ♪ i can tell it's gonna be
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♪ a sweet day [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey for a yummy sweet taste that's just right. and the 100% natural whole grain oats treat your heart sweet. because they can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. ♪ you're sweet to me bee happy. bee healthy. a teenager now knows his punishment for killing a
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popular school principal. brian betts was murdered in his silver spring home in april. 18-year-old alonte saunders admitted in court that he chatted with betts online and then went to the house intended to rob him. he was sentenced to 40 years in prison. three other teens are implicated in the death. their cases are ongoing. no justice, no peace. [ chanting ] >> protestors gathered yesterday angry because of the charges against five bar employees were dropped in the death of a d.c. man. witnesses say ali mohammed was beaten outside of the dr 9 club weeks ago. the charges have been dropped. the medical examiner said his injuries are not consistent with a beating but he's not yet ruled on how mohammed died. a local school district is
9:27 am
taking a tough stance on sexting. frederick county school students caught senting messages could be suspended or kicked out of school. the counselor said she's for the policy both as an administrator and a parent. the wheel of fortune proves to be just that for one woman. she takes a guess at a puzzle with just one letter on the board revealed. that story is coming up. look at the puzzle. >> all i can get is i'll. and tucker has a warm-up for us. it's an above average one. technically it is. keep it right here. phgege
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l. >> one l. >> can i solve? >> what's that?
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>> can i solve? >> okay. >> it is a prize puzzle. >> okay. >> i've got a good feeling about this. >> that's right. [ applause ] >> what? >> is it possible she's cheating? there was a big cheating scandal back in the day? >> yes. >> a new york city who solves a big puzzle after revealing just one letter and then i said the first word is i'll and it wasn't. and she took the host by surprise. she won a trip to the caribbean for that solve and went on to win more than $50,000 for the night, as you can imagine. the other contestants were probably like oh, no. >> but because it was so wild, i would -- i'm sure they would look into it, just to make sure something weird and cheating didn't go on. >> what was the question?
9:32 am
>> i don't know what the clue was. >> it doesn't say on the bottom what the clue was. >> look at vanna white hanging in there. >> she's still doing it after 20 plus years. >> it was a phrase. >> would you get that? >> i still can't get it. >> i have a feeling about that. >> there is no way. there is no way. how could she know that. >> she might be clairvoyant. >> then she shouldn't be on the show. >> or then she should be on all of the time. >> there are things about skeptics and clairvoyants. >> one of the words had a single letter and i couldn't have gotten that one. >> that was good. >> pretty cool though. >> that's my assumption, she's a psychic. i'm going to give you the forecast here in less than five words. it will be beautiful. >> thank you very much. >> 51 degrees at reagan national. nice start to the day. temperatures are climbing out
9:33 am
there. i got lucky on that, tony. 48 in leonardtown. manassas is 52. fredericksberg is 54. again, temperatures a good 10 degrees warmer than yesterday at this hour. should be a beautiful day. our highs later today back into the low 60s. a lot of sunshine in the forecast. the only fly in the ointment is the winds. steady winds here at 12 in washington. 10 in winchester. gusts already to 20 miles per hour. less wind than yesterday. that being said, it will be breezy at times later today so bring along a jacket. even with temperatures in the 60s, it will feel cooler than that with the winds out of the north during the course of the day. not much change to the weather pattern. we continue to deal with the storm behind me. a big area of low pressure. you can see it there sinking to the south and to the east. still bringing rain showers to the southeast portions of new england. here in the washington area, just sunshine and clear skies. out to the west, in the ohio valley, it's high pressure out here and it will deliver
9:34 am
several beautiful days. we're getting lucky this week. a great looking week with sunshine through the beginning of the weekend. here is another look, and these are the surface features. that low pressure will get pushed out to sea as this area of high pressure is able to dig in. so more sunshine tomorrow and the winds get a chance to light ebb up -- lighten up and temperatures around 60 or so. good looking forecast. winds out of the north and west gusting to about 20 so still need a jacket out there. and we'll be cold with overnight lows in the 40s, upper 30s outside of the beltway. bright sunshine the next several days with highs each day in the upper 50s and low 60s. right where we should be this time of year. that's a look at the forecast, tony. back to you. >> tucker, thank you very much. we have a follow-up to a horrific crime in connecticut. a jury has unanimously decided to sentence a man to death for the brutal murders of a woman and her two daughters. >> this morning the victim's
9:35 am
family is reacting and the details of this story are quite disturbing. gurvir joins us now from the studio with more. gurvir? >> reporter: allison, it's just a horrible story. police say steven hayes and another suspect broke into the home of dr. william and jennifer petit. they say the suspects beat dr. petit and forced jennifer to withdraw money from a bank while the rest of her family was being held hostage at home. hayes sexually assaulted jennifer and strangled her. and then she and her two daughters were tied to their beds and doused with gasoline before the two men set the house on fire. it took the jury three days to decide on a guilty verdict clearing the way for hayes to receive the death penalty. >> michaelea was an 11-year-old little girl. tortured and killed in her own bedroom. >> reporter: it was an extremely difficult trial for the family of the victims and the jurors. in the trial of jennifer hawk petit and her two
9:36 am
daughters. but after weeks of testimony and more than four days of deliberation, a jury decided that steven hayes should die for his crimes. >> i was glad for the girls that there was justice because i think it's a just verdict. but mostly i was sad for the loss that we have all suffered. >> reporter: after the verdict was read the judge thanks the jurors for their service, adding, quote, you have been exposed to depravity and horror that no one should have to see. hayes is happy about the verdict. >> he is thrilled and very happy with -- very happy. he's wanted a suicide with help. this is the easy way out for him. >> reporter: now family and friends are trying to figure out how to move forward. >> i was thinking of the
9:37 am
tremendous loss, it's a huge void in my life and our family and friends' lives. to the hundreds and thousands of friends and people that have written to us to express their condolences in support. >> the judge is going to officially sentence hayes on december 2nd and he'll join nine other men on connecticut's death row. they have only executed one man since 1960 so the 47-year-old will likely spend years, if not decades in prison. the second suspect in this case will be tried next year so the family will have to go through this again. he's also charged with sexually assaulting the youngest of the petit girls. just a horrible story. and six of the jurors talked publicly today about the decision and they said that they really had to work hard to keep their emotions out of it and follow the letter of the law. >> right. hard to do. >> yes. >> thank you. another case that we're
9:38 am
looking at now, dramatic courtroom yesterday in the elizabeth smart case. she said she woke up and felt someone holding a cold knife to her throat. they hired kidnapping suspect brian david mitchell to do handiwork around the house before smart was kidnapped. she was found nine months later with mitchell in a salt lake city suburb and if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in federal prison. and we're going to find out if two minutes of silence will build as a song to sell. one group is betting it will and why they are doing it in the first place. and could we be looking at a future with limited chocolate? we need chocolate these days. please don't do that. you won't want to miss it. we'll be back with that story and more. 9:38 now. 
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this week the british will park the end of the first world war with a holiday called remembrance day. it's kind of like veteran's day. they hold a moment of silence. and now there is a two minute of silence. they're hoping the silent song tops the charts on itunes. many raise legal defender go to the royal british legion which supports current and former service member. >> i bet it does well. it's a good idea. now to music with sound. a rock 'n' roll legend may have his name cleared. charlie crist leaves office in january and there are reports he's considering a pardon for jim morrison. he was convicted of indecent exposure in profanity in 1969 after a concert in miami. he died in 1971 when he was 27
9:43 am
years old. they say the conviction should be dropped because he was drunk and his behavior should be protected as free speech. >> interesting case. well say it isn't so. a box of chocolates could cost you more in 20 years. chocolate could be as rare and expensive as caviar in 2030. farmers are turning toward increase in biofuels. i have faith in hershey that they will come through and we can get our chocolate. >> maybe fine chocolates. >> i'll stick with what i like. i'm not saying it's hershey, but i don't need lind chocolate every time. >> what? i thought you said there was lint in your chocolate. garret dillan is starring
9:44 am
in a new fox comedy. allison talks with him next in his change in role type. and it's photo week at the corcoran gallery in d.c. and what you can enjoy. that's a big hint -- some photography. but she's up next. don't go anywhere. 3q it's a beautiful day inside
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when you use lysol neutra air fabric mist. it kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces and eliminates odors at their source better than febreze. so now a fresh home is the sign of a healthy home. for tips on a healthy home, visit
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photo week d.c. 2010 competition receive aid record- breaking 6500 entry this is year. >> this morning holly morris is learning about the competition and what else is going on during the photo festival. holly, the photos have been impressive this morning. >> reporter: one is more than the next. and it gets bigger and better each and every year. nobody knows that more than val proud. good morning to you. >> good morning.
9:48 am
>> reporter: and you've seen this festival just explode? >> exactly. it's grown dramatically. it's expanded beyond what you can imagine for the first time. >> reporter: and as a professional photographer, that has to make you feel good. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: and lets you know the competition you have out there. >> that's right. >> reporter: but we happen to be standing next to one of your award-winning photos. this won first place in the travel category. tell me about this photo? >> well i was in hawaii in february, this is the main attractions for locals and tourists just to gather. the weather was just perfect year round. and i just tried to -- i see local kids jumping off the walls into the water and it just -- it expressed to me almost like a freedom. so i just tried to capture the feeling of the place. >> reporter: i love the kid mid
9:49 am
air, but i leave the feet dangling and the kids waiting to have that same feeling which taken in cuba says a lot. >> yes. >> reporter: do you know when you've captured the moment, when you are taking it? >> yes. i chose the wide angle lense to give you the sense of presence of being there. exactly the feet in the foreground, the kids jumping off the wall. >> reporter: and i know you can talk about one picture forever because it said a lot but i want to make sure we get in another one of yours. i'm sure you've entered a lot of different photo competitions, but to win this one does it mean something? >> yes. first of all it's in washington, d.c., a great capitol. i love the city. there are so many photographers participating in this competition and to be part of it is really -- >> reporter: amazing. the next one called contemporary life also taken in
9:50 am
cuba. if you could give one tip to people out there, just a regular person like me what would it be to get the perfect picture? >> the lighting and just take your time. just observation the new place, you have to kind of see what is going on. and just don't be afraid to take pictures. cubans are so friendly and it's an amazing place. >> reporter: thank you for sharing your talent with us. his is on display here at the corcoran gallery of art which is photo central. i also want to introduce you to erin knife who is a student here and we're going to make our way over to your picture. he's also an award winner. tell me about what you want to do with your photography? >> what i mainly want to do is get my feelings about where i grew up, my childhood, people i knew and a deep appreciation for the land and where i grew up. >> reporter: and this is a
9:51 am
great way to express yourself? >> most definitely. >> reporter: and you competed in the portrait category, right? >> yes. >> reporter: and tell me about eddie. >> well eddie is my cousin. i did that photograph for my sophomore final prince george project and -- project at home. >> reporter: why do you think it won? >> it shows awkward add ole essence at that age. we are all there. i grew up not far from school. >> reporter: but your one tip for photographers out there. >> keep filming. i took it at the end of the role. and i realize -- realized the
9:52 am
picture, and when you want to quit, keep on going. >> reporter: there you go. a couple of tips from two award winners but the tips are endless if you come out and take part all that is offered here. it runs through november 13th. is our website. we have a link to theirs so you can come out and capture a kodak moment. >> thank you very much, holly. dylan gilahunt is a actor. >> but on raising hope he plays the head of a dysfunctional family and i talked with him earlier and asked if he enjoyed the switch from drama to comedy. >> i'm haves a blast. and i like change and this is a big one for me. i'm thrilled. >> when you saw the script, i have to ask you, did you think it would work, because you deal with some things that normally we don't hear about on sitcoms like the electric chair and a person who smokes and a great
9:53 am
grand mom with not all of her faculties, these type of things? >> i loved it. i thought it was really funny. which is why i wanted to be in it. so i guess i didn't think in terms of it working or not because it worked for me. and maybe that just said something about me and my low sense of humor. but people seem to be enjoying it. >> right. a lot of people agree it is really funny. the thing that perhaps is really endearing is at the root of it, there is really like a romance and love story with this couple who have made it all of these years, got married as teenagers and are still together and are grand parents now? >> yeah, i like that about it and it's something we have tried to cultivate. because we're tired of seeing the couple that doesn't get along and they're smart with each other and it's like a staple almost. so we were really pleased that they made this work. they had some really -- they
9:54 am
made some mistakes, some big mistakes. we're not recommending teen pregnancy. but they managed to stay in love and stay together and made somehow. and as dysfunctional as they are, there is a lot of love under there. >> the staff -- the cast rather, is just a winning ensemble to start with. it would be hard for it not to be funny. >> well that's nice to say. and i agree. and i feel so lucky to be working with those people. i get on so well with martha, which is great because we spend so much time together. it's some of the longest hours i've spent shooting a show and i think that effort shows. i think it looks great and i think i'm just real proud of it. i'm real proud of it. >> and the show, and i should have started with this. i assume everybody is watching and knows, but tell us about the premise. because it is unusual. well i'll let you tell the
9:55 am
story. tell us about raising hope. >> well martha and i play burt and virginia chance and we had a son when we were young. we were 15 and 17 i think. i was 17. we didn't intend for that to happen but it happened. lucas nav played jimmy. and jimmy is kind of a wash out, a slacker, directionless and still lives at home and works for me, i run a pool cleaning and lawn service but he meets this hot chick one day and things go well for jimmy and -- but she ends up getting pregnant. but also we find out she's a serial killer who kills her boyfriends. so she's thrown in jail and jimmy gets the child and we find ourselves grand parents. and we didn't think we did such a good job the first time around and we're really scared to do this again. but she's a real second chance
9:56 am
for this whole family. >> get it, chance, in raising hope. >> tonight's episode is sniffles. did you tell us about what we'll see when we tune in. >> jimmy is trying to be a better parent than i was and realized he needs health insurance for this baby. so this episode tonight is about something i'm sure a lot of the viewers can relate to, which is how do i get health insurance for my family when we don't make much money? pretty funny. >> you're right. the finger on the pulse of a lot of what we're thinking about now. garret dillahunt plays burt on the hit fox show raising hope and it airs tonight at 9:00 here on fox 5. thank you so much. continued success to you. >> thanks for having me. >> and he seemed like a really nice person. be sure to catch a new episode of glee before raising hope and stay tuned for running wild and fox 5 news at 10:00. it's a big lineup. >> it is. we'll be back with the answer to today's trivia question right after the break. duct system as the lungs of the house. expulsion of air. dust and dirt that helping the house to breathe. say i'm a doctor. not a doctor either. suction. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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